How to Compare Pricing

You’re having your furnace and ducts cleaned. In front of you lie two quotes for the job. One looks good. The other is, well, a little higher in price. Here’s how to be sure that you’re really getting the best deal.
Does the quote include everything?

Some quotes look attractively low – until the technicians show up and start adding “extra” charges. Before the work is started, get a written estimate that includes the cost of all of these items::

• cutting or opening up all the necessary access holes or panels
• cleaning all the ducts, including the main supply and return ducts
• cleaning all the piping and ductwork that connects the main ducts to the vents
• cleaning all the vents (not just some standard number)
• cleaning the furnace itself (burner, chimney, drip pan, etc.)
• cleaning the fresh air intake line
• cleaning the combustion air intake line
• cleaning the hot water tank (if applicable)
• sanitizing/disinfecting the duct system
• re-sealing all access holes when cleaning is finished
• handling and disposing of all waste material
• all labor costs

Be sure you’re getting a guaranteed total price, not a rough estimate. Don’t trust verbal promises. Your written quote should clearly state that all the above items are included. Be sure to ask: “Is this the guaranteed total cost, or are there additional charges not included in this quote?”

Last, but not least, remember that if someone won’t put a promise in writing, it isn’t guaranteed.