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Scientific studies have shown that Ultraviolet C light (UVC) disinfects by crippling or killing mold, bacteria, and viruses. To help extend the life of your duct cleaning, you can have an ultraviolet (UV) light installed in the return air duct of your ventilation system. The UV light is sealed into the duct, where it works to kill or cripple any organisms in the return air. The air is then filtered through the air system’s return air filter to remove particulate matter.

As the air circulates on subsequent return trips, the UV light and filter continue to disinfect the air and remove contaminants, keeping air fresher longer. Note that for best results, ducts must be cleaned and disinfected before a UV light is placed inside. This provides a clean starting environment in which the UV light can work.

Don’s Power Vac carries ultraviolet light products from Purified Living Inc. and Novapure.


Is UV Light Effective at Killing Bacteria & Viruses?

Yes. In 1966, the US Public Health Services Sector officially approved the use of UV disinfection units for producing potable drinking water. UV light is officially recognized by the US Environmental Protection Agency as a viable treatment for air. Westjet has recently equipped its airplane air re-circulation systems with UV lights.


Is UV Light Harmful?


Yes. Long exposure to UV light will cause your skin to burn, and looking directly at UV light will damage your eyes. However, since UV lights used for disinfecting are sealed inside your air ducting, they are hidden from your skin and eyes and therefore cannot harm you. All UV lights installed by Don’s Power Vac are clearly labeled with exposure warning labels.


How Long do Results Take?

If there are no other contamination problems in your home, you should notice a difference in air quality within a few days after you install a UV light in your air ducting. If you home has mold contamination or some other serious air quality problem, you may need to address that problem before your air quality can be improved by the UV light.
How do I Maintain My UV Light?


Warning! Turn off the UV light before opening the ducting to access the light.

In general, the maintenance of a UV light is simple. Wipe the UV bulb when you change the furnace filter, and replace the UV bulb yearly. Usually no other maintenance is needed.