Commercial Duct Cleaning

Commercial Duct Cleaning
For more than 40 years, Don’s Power Vac has provided professional commercial duct cleaning for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems (HVAC) cleaning throughout North America.

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If you rent or own a commercial building, you’ve probably heard the phrase “sick building syndrome” before. People in “sick buildings” usually experience a greater than normal number of physical illnesses like flu, colds, headaches, dizziness, asthma, and difficulty concentrating. Symptoms commonly improve when people go on vacation and return when they return to work.

Sick Building Syndrome is usually traceable to substandard indoor air quality. Often in cases of high employee absenteeism, poor indoor air quality is the real cause. A extensive cleaning of your building’s cooling, heating, and ventilation systems can improve indoor air quality (IAQ)and reduce absenteeism. As an added benefit, heating and ventilation systems cleaning can reduce your heating and cooling costs.

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1 Standard Method. This method cleans the air duct system using forced air and a strong vacuum. Our standard method is recommended for removing debris and dust from the ducting systems of brand new buildings only. The Standard Method cannot be used once a building has been occupied because moisture is created in the air which causes the dust to stick to the interior of the ducts, so a occupied building must be cleaned using a more advanced technology.
2 Power Whip/Viper Method. This method is suitable for many cleaning tasks. A power whip cleaning tool is combined with forced air and vacuum to evacuate dirt, dust and debris from the ducts. All institutional, commercial and industrial cleaning involves either the Pneumatic Brush or Power Whip method (described below).
3 Pneumatic Brush Method. This is our most advanced of the three cleaning methods, ensuring superior results. In the pneumatic brush method, hi-tech rotating brushes combined with a powerful vacuum are used to clean the ducts. This technology is commonly used in hospital and institutional cleaning, where the highest standards of cleanliness are mandatory. White-glove testing of the ducting should detect no dust residue once this method of cleaning has been used.

Don’s Power Vac is knowledgeable in all types of commercial air duct cleaning including:

• heating, ventilation, and air conditioning duct systems cleaning
• boiler cleaning (fire box area and most types of heat exchangers)
• fume hood system cleaning
• heating and cooling coil cleaning
• exhaust stack cleaning
• dryer room vent cleaning (lint removal for increased dryer efficiency)
• roof air handling unit cleaning
• debris removal for sandblasting contracts
• asbestos removal cleanup
• mold testing and remediation
• indoor air quality testing

Don’s Power Vac guarantees its professional duct cleaning services with:

• Video inspection
• Certificate of completion
• Photos of duct work before and after servicing
• Testing to confirm cleaning to exact specifications (Level 1 or Level 2) of the NADCA standard

Video of Cleaning in Action:

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